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"Tami Pierce had the two most important qualities as a prosecutor in the criminal justice system: she is fair and firm. She is more than willing to show mercy when the situation calls for it and likewise more than capable of upholding the rule of law when the facts demand it. Those same character traits will no doubt make her an excellent Judge before which all parties know they will receive true justice. That is exactly what anyone should expect from a Judge." ―Logan Pickett, Former DA, Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney 

" Tami Pierce is a real trial lawyer. She comes to trial prepared, presents evidence thoroughly and clearly, and is a daunting force in closing argument. She is an ethical but powerful advocate." ―Ryan Gertz, Beaumont Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney 

"Working with Tami is always a professional pleasure... she's tough but fair and it's my belief she would make a great judge for Harris County." ―Chad Ethridge, Criminal Defense Attorney

"I work with Tami Pierce on a daily basis, her commitment to Justice and the Constitution is top priority for her." ―LM, District Court Coordinator

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