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Tami Pierce has 30 plus years of experience in Criminal Justice. As a police officer, then investigator, promoted to Sergeant, then going to law school and being a Criminal defense attorney and now prosecutor, she has dedicated her life to Justice and public service.


She knows that crime victims are unwilling participants in the criminal justice system and with over 4000 violent and sexually related criminals being granted low bonds for these offenses has increased the crime rate in Harris County and given us the unwanted title of "the murder Capital". 


The citizens of Harris County deserve better, they need someone to protect victims' rights, restore the Rule of law, and keep violent criminals from being released on low or no bonds.  Make no mistake, Tami Pierce will be fierce on these issues. 


Tami has lived in Harris County for over 20 years.  She wants to make it a safer place for all citizens knowing the rights of the  law abiding public must come first.  


Tami can not do it without your help, we are in this together.


As Judge she will follow the law and apply it fairly and consistently to all.


Tami was the first to go to college in her family.  She began her career as a police officer, moved up to investigations, then was promoted to Sergeant where she supervised 12 officers.  She left law enforcement, went to Law School, raised a family and began her legal career as a criminal defense attorney before being hired as a prosecutor.  She has dedicated her life to public service and Justice for all.

She had a distinguished career as a police officer, being awarded several commendations.  She was also written up in the local papers about her undercover drug sting operation.  As a criminal defense attorney she worked to ensure her clients had a fair trial obtaining not guilty verdicts and having numerous cases dismissed against her clients.  As a prosecutor, she tried numerous cases to jury verdict and worked closely with victims to ensure their rights were protected.

We need someone fierce, vote Pierce.

  • BA Degree

  • 12 years law enforcement experience

  • Police supervisor and Investigator

  • Juris Doctorate Degree

  • 19 years Criminal Attorney

  • 6 years as a Prosecutor

  • Team Prosecutor of the year 2019

  • Humble ISD Education Foundation Committee for 3 years

  • Member of Kingwood Area Republican Women’s Organization


  • Ethical

  • Protect law abiding citizens

  • Understands the law

  • Will follow the law and legal precedent

  • Will be accountable to voters

  • Will seek Justice

  • Married for over 20 years, helped raise 2 wonderful young men

  • Enjoys tennis, outdoor activities and working on the ranch.

A vote for Tami Pierce is a vote for Common Sense

Meet Tami Pierce. 

Judicial system
Tami Pierce for Judge | 180th Criminal District Court Candidate | Harris County, Texas
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