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Fierce Solutions to Tough Issues

Tami Pierce has a proven track record of producing and delivering results. 

  • Pierce will always put public safety first. Personal agendas, activism, and vendettas will never have a place on the bench. Residents of Harris County deserve fair judicial practice

  • Pierce will prioritize the well-being of the victim, our community, and first responders, upholding and following the law, in setting bail. Our current judges are failing miserably, and it puts all of our loved ones at incredible risk. Pierce will respect all laws written on the books. 

  • Pierce will uphold the rights of victims and recognize the rights of the accused for a fair trial

  • Pierce will work to stop government overreach from reaching our court. 

  • Pierce will treat all individuals in court with humanity and professionalism

  • Pierce will oversee the court’s docket is managed with efficiency and increase technology where necessary to prevent docket backlog

 Tami Pierce will be Fair, but Firm.

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